FINANCIAL ADVISOR -the diverse financial advisory services. Right from services as basic as book-keeping to various complex services like portfolio management, capital restructuring, taxation, audits etc. With the assistance of highly qualified personnel, bizfix provides other diverse financial advisory services like cash flow analysis, banking, business banking, wealth management, mutual funds management, insurance service, stock market trading, investments in treasury and debt instruments etc.

We aim at providing seamless customer service experiences and assistance you can rely on. Your finances are the most valued assets to you and your business. Bizfix aims at helping you use your finances with optimum utilization so that you grow seamlessly and your wealth keeps on increasing all the time. Bizfix has a team of experienced and dedicated personnel who constantly strive to give you best results. The various services which bizfix provides are –

1.  Book keeping under which handling of general accounts from trading account, profit and loss account and balance sheet are taken care of.

2.   Cash flow analysis which includes calculation of the financial strength of the business i.e the amount of cash inflow, outflow and expenses and incomes from operations etc.

3.   Individual banking facilities like (checking accounts, savings accounts, debit/credit cards, etc.)

4.   Business banking services like (checking accounts, savings accounts, debit/credit cards, etc.)

5.   Wealth management under which the various segments covered are include managing and investing customers’ wealth across various financial instruments- including debt, equity, mutual funds, insurance products, derivatives, structured products, commodities, and real estate, based on the clients’ financial goals, risk profile and time horizons.

6.   Mutual fund services which include offering professional investment services across funds that are composed of different asset classes, primarily debt and equity-linked assets. The buy-in for mutual fund solutions is generally lower compared to the stock market and debt products

7.   Insurance covering General Insurance (automotive, home, medical, fire, travel, etc.)Life Insurance (term-life, money-back, unit-linked, pension plans, etc.)

8.   Stock market investment solutions for customers in Indian stock markets (National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange), across various equity-linked products.

9.   Investment assistance in treasury and debt instruments which include listed bonds, non-convertible debentures, capital-gain bonds, GoId savings bonds, tax-free bonds, etc.

10.   Taxation and auditing services which cover both individual tax service like determining tax liability, filing tax-returns, tax-savings advisory, etc. and business tax service like determining tax liability, transfer pricing analysis and structuring, GST registrations, tax compliance advisory, etc.

11.   Capital restructuring service like structured transactions, lender negotiations, accelerated M&A and capital raising.

12.   Portfolio management which includes helping clients to reach their financial goals through analyzing and optimizing investments across assets like debt, equity, insurance, real estate.